About Boudoir


What does the word boudior mean?

The French word boudoir refers to a woman's sitting room. In the Victorian era, she would bathe, dress, possibly do embroidery, and meet her romantic partners.

What is Boudoir Photography?

It's more than just taking pictures in your underwear :)

Boudoir photography is a genre of photography that dates back to the 1920's with women like Clara Bow, Mae West and Jean Harlow. It's a beautiful expression of sensuality meets fine art. 

Who is the Photographer?

Terry Telford is the Playful Whisper Boudoir Photographer

“My inspiration for shooting boudoir is your reaction. A boudoir photoshoot empowers you to see yourself through a completely different lens. It helps you feel good about your body, lets you express your sexy side and helps give you extra self-confidence. Sometimes it's small and uplifting. Sometimes, it's life-changing. I love being part of someone’s journey to self-discovery. It’s a very fulfilling feeling.”

Playful Whisper - Terry and Bonnie

About Terry Telford
Terry Telford is quickly becoming one of Canada’s premier boudoir photographers. His photographic style and commitment to providing a safe, encouraging environment for women to feel empowered, confident and sexy, shines through in each photo.

Turning you into a piece of fine art is an exhilarating experience and one that Terry helps you enjoy fully. His fun, outgoing personality will keep you smiling for your entire boudoir session. It’s normal to feel a bit anxious and nervous before the photo shoot, but your nervousness will quickly melt away as Terry makes you feel like a fashion model whose photos will grace magazine covers. You may start the photoshoot feeling nervous, but you’ll leave the shoot feeling confident, powerful and sexy.

Terry generally works in Toronto, Ottawa, Kingston, New York and all points in between, but he can be personally commissioned to shoot anywhere on the planet.

Discreet & Private
Your privacy is an important part of this entire experience. All the images and artwork that we create are kept completely confidential. If you give me permission to publish your photos online or include them in an exhibit, I really appreciate your generosity, but it is not expected.

Wherever you are. Most clients prefer to have their boudoir photoshoot in the privacy of their own homes, others find an Airbnb, hotel, cottage, or other location is more convenient. The choice is yours. If I book a location, the expenses can be added into your invoice, or you can book a location directly and let me know where to find you.

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